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“Chicken man”: another freedom-loving patriot pushed over the edge

March 27th, 2012
Andrew Wordes, the

Andrew Wordes, a man in Roswell, Georgia, known as the “chicken man”, because of his determination to raise chickens in the suburbs, apparently set himself and his house on fire and died, as police were coming to evict him. The freedom-lover had defied code regulations, including raising chickens and other animals where big government says you cannot. This led to jail time, which led to him missing mortgage payments and leaving his home in foreclosure.

Is it so important to government that someone can not have basic self-sufficiency that pushing someone to disastrous suicide is a success? What is wrong with this country? Is the world really going to end if this man raised chickens on his suburban property?

Some will just say he was crazy. Well, perhaps it’s government and society that are crazy. I guess it won’t be obvious for most until we have hindsight, since most people erroneously believe that truth is defined by consensus and cannot imagine any other possibility.

Andrew Wordes was also known for his efforts in resisting Agenda 21.

To fellow freedom lovers out there… don’t let big government push you over the edge. Stay strong, stay legal and keep up the work on our own agenda – the agenda for freedom. When a freedom-lover dies, it’s not only the tragic loss of a precious human life, but is also one less on our side to keep up the fight!

A new video from some time ago, where it appears someone


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