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Everybody is a criminal! Imprison and fine us all!

March 1st, 2012
Everyone is a criminal: extremely dangerous criminal lineup!

Extremely dangerous criminal
lineup! Everybody is a criminal!

John Stossel does another excellent program highlighting the insanity of excessive laws and regulations in the US. When everything is illegal, everyone is a criminal! Kind of makes you lose respect for the idea of an outlaw when the government considers everyone to be one, huh?

You have to see some of this to believe it.

  • The EPA absolutely destroys the life of a family simply wanting to build a house on their own land. Whoa! We can’t have such simple, natural and traditional freedoms in this tyranny of modern America, can we?
  • Kids harassed and shut down for lemonade stands.
  • Police raids on raw milk dairies.
  • Only millionaires allowed to start taxi businesses in New York City.

The list goes on and on and on. This program would take a million years to complete if they included every injustice, every life destroyed by unnecessary and excessive regulations. There are countless sad stories out there, in your own neighborhood if you ask around. Sadly, when people are totally destroyed, most lose their will to resist, speak out or even live, so these horrific stories often go untold and unnoticed.

When everyone is a criminal, government agencies can dig until they find something on you and arrest you whenever they don’t like you and need an excuse to silence you. The police state is here. Tyranny is here. It’s just less direct and more complex than tyrannies of the past. And worse, in that way, because it’s less obvious to the people and deceptive, therefore the people are not as able to see what’s wrong and raise some hell.

Open your eyes. Wake up. Aggressively seek change and be careful how you vote!

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