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Monsanto is evil.

March 8th, 2012

Monsanto, Millions against MonsantoWhat if I told you a story about an enormous corporation getting away with extensive flawed studies, shameless cronyism, deception, cover-ups and crushing small farmers into bankruptcy? It might make a good movie, at least if the good guys win. Unfortunately, this is all too real. The company is Monsanto, and they’re a monster that is winning, enabled by a monster big government that, in effect, hands tremendous advantage to huge corporations like Monsanto over the little guy (individuals, families and smaller businesses).

Many are concerned with the fact that Monsanto creates GMO (genetically modified organism) crops. This alone wouldn’t worry me as much. Personally, I think the fear over GMO crops is excessive, especially in Europe, but I do think people have a right to know what they are eating and be free to decide to reject it or not. What I do have a problem with is Monsanto’s lies – its deceptions, cover-ups and very bad science that may allow some unsafe GMO crops to end up in your food.

But the story that infuriated me the most was Monsanto’s suing, bankrupting and destruction of countless family farmers, suing them for their corn (supposedly) being accidentally wind-pollinated by Monsanto corn in nearby fields or accusing farmers of intentionally replanting their GMO corn.

See, Monsanto’s GMO corn is legally protected by plant patents. Plant patents are a huge and messy problem, along with gene patents, patents on proteins and other natural biological things. Did you know you have proteins that your body produces, but are patented by Amgen? Plant patents are not necessary for society to exist, nor for prosperity and, like all patents, end up benefiting the huge corporations much, much more than the little guy.

Back to Monsanto suing family farmers into bankruptcy… Documents reveal thousands of investigations, 100 lawsuits and many bankruptcies by Monsanto to protect their exclusive interest in their crop’s propagation. See Troy Roush’s story, an Indiana family farmer, at 4:20 in video 7/10 below. Monsanto or their “private investigator” trespassed on their property, stole corn samples, and supposedly found replanted Monsanto GMO corn. The family had to settle out of court, to pay off this extorting mafia called Monsanto, to avoid losing it all, as other farmers had. Farmer Troy Roush states “they [Monsanto] are in the process of owning food. All food.”

Monsanto even distributed tattletale hotline phone numbers and encouraged farmers to report each other. Somehow, this disturbingly reminds me of the Chinese turning Mongol tribes against each other to weaken the Mongols overall before the rise of Genghis Khan.

Monsanto is evil, by any rational measure. Some of the first laws and regulations (including excessive patent protection or even all patent protection) we need to get rid of are those that protect monster corporations like Monsanto at the expense of small farmers, small businesses and other individuals.

The World According to Monsanto (below, in 10 parts) is a must-see French documentary, directed by independent filmmaker Marie-Monique Robin.

The World According to Monsanto
documentary movie:

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  1. moses says:

    i’m saddened by the fact that here in Kenya,E.Africa,highly learned and suppossedly intelligent university professors and the ones being used by monsanto to front its interests. now i understand why this ogre b.gates is always visiting the poor farmers of kenya’s rift valley and i pity myself.

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