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Gay marriage: why should freedom-lovers be concerned?

May 13th, 2012

Gay marriage shouldn't be such a big deal to the hard core freedom lover.
I always thought both the political right and left quite silly on the gay marriage issue – the right wanting to ban it and the left wanting to fully institutionalize it and make everyone love it. I think serious freedom-lovers shouldn’t be all that concerned either way, as long they can effectively marry whoever they want.

Why get the government in bed with you?
When I say “effectively”, I mean the government doesn’t have to register your marriage. In most states, you could have a “marriage” ceremony, live like you are married, call yourself married (other than on legal forms) and the government would not bother you. No SWAT teams would bust into your home, terrorize your family and shoot your dog for having an off-the-books gay or polygamous marriage, in most states (so far… and they use other excuses to for those SWAT team household conquests).

Liberal hypocrisy
Of course we could write a book on liberal hypocrisy, but there certainly is some here. Using the polygamy example, why are liberals so rabid about legalizing state-registered gay marriage, but not polygamous marriages? Because that’s not their agenda. Freedom is not what they’re promoting, but trying to force acceptance of liberal lifestyle values and stamp out anything that they might perceive as anti-feminist, such as polygamy (never mind that, hypothetically, it’s possible one woman could have more than one husband).

Neo-cons trying to regulate morality again
When neo-cons try to legislate morality, whether it’s drugs, sex or gay marriage, they’re not better than the liberals, only playing a tug-of-war to see how the population can be controlled in their preferred style. A true freedom lover does not force his morality on others through government. A true freedom lover can have very conservative lifestyle views yet promote a very live-and-let-live, libertarian government. Neo-cons, control morality in your own families – that’s an appropriate role of government! I don’t know of anywhere in the Bible where God says you should force all others onto a moral path through government tyranny. If you find the verse, please let me know!

Gay marriage is a rare issue where I don’t have a strong opinion one way or another, because we’re arguing over the details of how we want the government entangled in people’s lives. So the big question is… why do people want the government to be more entangled in their lives at all? I see much of this as a cultural problem. Why, whether a marriage is straight, gay or polygamous, do people insist that their marriage is recognized by the government? In my opinion, we should only worry about what the government recognizes as an acceptable marriage when it outlaws even effective marriage situations that are not to it’s liking. On who we decide to effectively marry is one of the very rare places where we Americans are free enough. Now, getting to the hellish big-government complications of divorce settlements and child support is another matter, for future posts!

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