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Unforseen consequences of anti-terrorist action

October 16th, 2012

An insightful observation from a wise and liberty-loving Facebook user.

Be warned. Be aware. Be prepared.

Early one morning, the building that many felt the financial decisions that impacted the whole world were made was attacked by terrorists. Before the smoke had even settled the head of state was on scene. He told his countrymen that justice would be swift and they would fight this Middle Eastern threat wherever it was found. He quickly stated that better communication between the country’s law enforcement and intelligence agencies would have prevented the attacks, and called for a new department to provide homeland security. The enemy however was more elusive, and the decision was made to begin domestic surveillance to find the enemies already inside the country. This included aerial surveillance, the military’s intelligence service being used at home, the request for citizens to report anything suspicious, and the ability to detain suspects without warrants until they found out what was going on. The police was given military weapons and when that wasn’t enough to meet the threat the military was allowed in small numbers to act within the borders of the country. This country was at war, and they needed to act like it. The citizens didn’t oppose these new laws because they were all just “good Germans.”

What? Yes, all of these things have occurred in the United States since 9/11, but they happened in Germany after the Reichstadt bombing and brought about the Nazi Party. The same scenario plays out again and again throughout history. Normally the parallels are quite so exact, but this is a story that history repeats. And history repeats itself because people don’t listen the first time it says it.

Governments by nature try to gain more power. Our founding fathers set up a document that made sure our rights wouldn’t be taken. The problem is most people don’t exercise their rights, and a right that isn’t exercised is lost.
To my Republican friends, I’m not equating Bush to Hitler a lot of the above occurred under Obama. I am saying that when people are scared they act in ways they normally wouldn’t. To those who say that it would never happen here; remember that when this happened in Germany they were a world superpower. The odds are that you have family members that were alive when this happened. It isn’t ancient history.

The Germans weren’t evil people. This man, Adolf Eichmann, who is known as the “architect of the holocaust” was just a lowly and efficient civil servant before the war. He was just being a “good German.”

To answer the question that sparked this: No I don’t get offended when people say that my opposition to NDAA sec 201 or drones spying on Americans or warrantless wiretapping is un-American and that I am not a “good American.”

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