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Is Bank of America denying firearm debit/credit card purchases?

January 16th, 2013

Is Bank Of America denying debit card and credit card purchases of firearms and ammo? That’s the news spreading around the internet like wildfire. Is it true or a hoax? If it is not true, Bank of America would be prudent to make an emergency announcement to clarify.

Some think it is not likely that Bank of America would refuse firearms and ammunition transactions, however, it appears Bank of America has cut off business with gun-related activity before, in the case of gun sellers and gun manufacturers.

From Wikipedia:

According to Kelly McMillan, operations director of McMillan Firearms, in April 2012, Bank of America began terminating its business relationships with the company. McMillan said the company’s accounts were in good standing and that a bank representative, Ray Fox, said the bank felt McMillan had moved from simple accessories to more involvement with manufacturing firearms. According to McMillan, when asked if this was a political decision, Fox replied that it was.[140] Bank of America again closed service to a legally qualified gun store in January 2013. American Spirit Arms owner Joe Sirochman says Bank of America froze his account and later told him they did not believe he should be selling gun parts on the internet.

Here is the video apparently showing a Bank of America employee confirming that Bank of America will no longer process debit card purchases for firearms:

Here is the video of a kid apparently debunking the claim:

So, has Bank Of America really ceased all gun purchases through their bank? Or was it a hoax or simple miscommunication? We’ll stay on top of this and try to get you the answer soon. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Jan. 16, 2012
Okay, this matter of Bank of America denying firearm purchases is looking to be either a hoax or misunderstanding. Either that or the policy is being inconsistently applied and not all customer service employees are getting the memo. Many people have called and reported customer service said there is no such policy. However, it is quite believable given that Bank of America has broken relationships with gun sellers for other than usual-business reasons.

2 Responses to “Is Bank of America denying firearm debit/credit card purchases?”

  1. Blank says:

    I’ve used BoA for some time, I have not had any problems purchasing firearms from distributors, however, to get set up with merchant services was a nightmare, they have even told me they would process charges for firearm related purchases, Thus I’ve pulled from using BoA for my business.
    This happened in Texas, so you know it’s bad now.

  2. Howdy says:

    Bank of america gets on my nerves sometimes. I don’t know are they really a bank?

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