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Ann Coulter on John Stossel: Libertarians Are Pussies

February 22nd, 2013

There she goes again – Ann Coulter always trying to ruffle feathers to defend indefensible Republican bad habits and to preserve her brand and get ratings.

Regarding Ann Coulter’s recent comments on John Stossel’s show, I’ll say first, that people like her are why I no longer call myself Republican, but a “right-leaning, extreme libertarian” (but law-abiding and non-violent, mind you). On her comments about libertarians, she is generalizing, but is also actually making valid criticisms of the young, left-leaning libertarians that sympathize with left-type freedoms, but not right-type freedoms so much. I agree that some of these libertarians focus too much on freedoms slightly more appealing to their “liberal friends” than the more important right-type issues of freedom, like economic, tax, business and property related liberties.

Iraq: Wow, she’s still defending Iraq? Iraq was justified because… terror threat to US… because Saddam seeking Uranium from Niger. Wow, now that’s a weak proof if I ever saw one! Sounds to me like her kind wants to start wars and find reasons later.

Drugs: She’s over-generalizing. When I agree with the occasional liberal that pot should be legalized, I add that all drugs should be legalized as well, regardless of how harsh that sounds. Seems liberals of 15 or 20 years ago wanted to legalize drugs, but now they seem to only want pot legalized, while the libertarians are the only ones left saying all drugs should be legal.

And also, for the record, my unpopular opinion on employment discrimination is that private employers should be able to hire/fire who they want for ANY reason. If we didn’t have so many regulations helping big companies staying big (and crushing small competition), we’d have my employer choices. See, I’m a libertarian and not afraid to say that.

Gay marriage: I’ll agree that there are bigger issues that libertarians (and everyone) should be focusing on. I am mildly for gay marriage, but agree with the libertarian who said that government should not be involved with marriage at all. So, the gay marriage issue is really just a stupid argument (on both right and left) about how exactly government should restrict a type of corporation/trust that it shouldn’t be involved with anyway. In my opinion, this is mainly a cultural problem, i.e., people insisting they have a government-registered, government-approved marriage, rather than just having a ceremony and calling yourself marriage without government.

I will also agree that liberals want to destroy the family so that peoples’ only loyalty will be the government. Well, I don’t know if most of them really want that, but that is precisely the effect of liberal legislation.

So yeah, I know there are those that try not to piss others off, to “kiss up” and I was probably more like that in my twenties, but my bullshit detector has a hair-trigger now and what kind of man would I be if I don’t speak the truth and stand up for what’s right?

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