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April 21st, 2010

We’re about Freedom. All freedoms. We believe government, regulation/law and taxation should be done at an absolute minimum. We believe in protecting all lifestyle freedoms, whether good or bad, as long as it is not harming others. We believe we have the Constitution and the Bill of Rights for a reason, and that reason is to work as a strict framework, the nation’s DNA, the absolute legal foundation for all law, to prevent the government from becoming the tyranny of the majority that is has become.

This website is called “Freedom-Lover Nation” with some optimism, hoping for the self-fulfilling prophecy effect, I suppose. Unfortunately, we hard-core, serious freedom-lovers are a small minority in America now. Most of the population would actually be happier in a more Libertarian nation, but they can’t make sense of this complex reality and they are deceived by politicians selling “freedom” snake oil (neo-cons and even Democrats talking freedom with no substance behind it).

What political party is a freedom-lover? Unfortunately, the “freedom” party is a moving target. Parties change over time or may be for some types of freedoms, but against other types. A freedom-lover may call him or herself a Libertarian, a Republican, Tea Partier, an independent or something else. Democrats and liberals stand for some freedoms, sometimes, such as freedom of speech and some lifestyle freedoms, but little else.

Though Democrats tend to be for some lifestyle freedoms, but if you’ve ever been poor, if you’ve ever been hungry and disadvantaged, then you know that economic freedom, and the resulting prosperity should be the priority set of freedoms.

When referring to my own political convictions, I usually use capital “L” to make clear that I’m talking about principles as defined by the Libertarian Party, not the more vague sense of libertarianism, that often is sometimes not much different from being a liberal. I want to make crystal clear that I am not only for personal lifestyle type freedoms, but economic freedom as well. The Libertarian Party promotes both types of freedoms.

Although I had voted for Republican candidates all my life before the 2008 election, I’m calling myself a right-leaning Libertarian now, or I can simply be a hard-core “freedom-lover”. Whichever party or candidate is extremely serious about freedom, that’s who I’m voting for and promoting. Obviously, I could never vote for a Democrat in a million years, because the full-on assault on freedom is written right into their principles, and the neo-con type Republican isn’t much better, assaulting other types of freedom in the right’s style of big-government tyranny.

I, like many Americans, wanted to just “set and forget” my voting preferences and political party and just trust they would do the best possible job of representing my desire for freedom. Unfortunately, when you’re not keeping people on their toes, they do a worse and worse job at something. The Republicans have become gradually dominated by the neo-con in the decades since Libertarian-minded Republican Barry Goldwater. The neo-con not only looks for excuses to get into unnecessary, emotion-and-religion-fueled wars, but does almost nothing to shrink the size and grip of government, like Republicans are supposed to do! That’s right, neo-con type Republicans only talk about shrinking government, lowering taxes, reducing regulations, but rarely actually do it. I, for one, have had enough, and I am quite angry at myself for not waking up years before. From here, I will not personally vote for a Republican president any less Libertarian and proven than Ron Paul. Ron Paul is essentially a Libertarian, running as a Republican, which is perfectly appropriate, since that’s what Republicans are supposed to be anyway, and the Libertarian party wouldn’t have to exist at all if the Republicans firmly stuck to freedom-loving principles.

I badly want Republicans to be the true party of freedom, because I know they have the far greater chance of winning a presidential than a Libertarian Party or Tea Party candidate, but I will not vote for Republicans who only slow our descent into big-government, high-tax, over-regulated, police state hell. “Business as usual” is not going to cut it. The election of a far left liberal president has been a catalyst for the awakening of freedom-loving Americans. This is our last chance to wake up and push for serious change. If we don’t keep this fire raging, we have truly sealed our fate.

There are many out there like me now. Some may affiliate with the Tea Party, some with the Libertarian Party and some former Republicans now call themselves independents. The GOP is not listening enough. They are not taking us seriously enough. They need to purge all neo-cons from their ranks if they want us freedom-loving voters to take them seriously again. From now on, I am voting for the candidate most serious (and with a credible record) about freedom regardless of if they have any realistic chance of winning. I used to think such a vote would be a “wasted vote”, but it’s no waste if it sends a clear and shocking message to those who won’t wake up.

What is the “final solution”, the “end game” for freedom lovers? One might imagine many scenarios, but unless a realistic mechanism could be found to restore real freedoms to the USA, I believe the only solution is to flee. It’s happened countless times before in history – individuals, families, religious groups, whole armies and other groups have fled tyrannies that could not be stopped. They fled to lands adjacent or afar. Where can serious freedom-lover Americans find exile in this big-government world? That is a great question. I think there are better places and there certainly will be better places as the idea of freedom makes a comeback. In the end, your choice will depend on the set of freedoms most important to you, your tolerance for risk and other life and business considerations such as climate, proximity to the US, culture, etc.. Will you begin a new life in Costa Rica, New Zealand? Belize? Somalia? A city at sea? The options are not many… the disease of tyranny has caught on everywhere, but where there is a will, there is a way.

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