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The World without US – a documentary movie considering US non-interventionism

September 4th, 2012

Though I plan on writing in Ron Paul in November, my only major concern has been his foreign policy, that of non-interventionism and to stop being the world policeman. I can see rational and ethical arguments for and against intervening in other nations’ affairs, so it is somewhat of a dilemma for me. On one Read more…

Who is Kony? What is “KONY 2012”? Are the video’s claims true?

March 13th, 2012

“KONY 2012” or “KONY2012” is a video documentary by Invisible Children, Inc. calling attention to the evils of Joseph Kony, calling for his arrest as a war criminal. Joseph Kony is accused of forcing girls to be sex slaves and forcing children to be child soldiers, among other things. The video, however, may be packed Read more…

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