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November 12th, 2010

Here, we seek to rank nations, states, counties and cities by the level of freedom they offer. Different people value different freedoms, but a hard-core freedom-lover loves them all! That being said, there are some freedoms that are likely much more important to the well-being of a person than others, such as freedom to do what you want with your property, as opposed to the freedom to drink bootleg moonshine on the street. Therefore, our combined rankings for overall freedom assign more weight to some types of freedom than others. This may not be the portfolio of freedom-weightings you are looking for, but for summarization purposes, we have to make a good guess of the freedoms that do people the most good. We assign higher weight to freedoms relating to personal finance and business than lifestyle freedoms, but lifestyle freedoms are certainly a part of the equation. In addition to the overall rankings, we have freedom category specific rankings as well.

Which countries are the most free?

Some nations have freedom to such a degree they border on anarchy, which of course is dangerous. For the purposes of these rankings, danger from lack of law or enforcement is not considered – only danger from the government occupying the given territory. Some countries may appear at a glance to be very free and wild, but then their government may come down randomly and heavy-handed to do you harm and/or take all you got the minute you get some attention. This site is not really about freedom from potential harm from individuals, but freedom from harm from governments, from which you cannot defend yourself.

Nation Freedom Ranking:
1. New Zealand
2. Bermuda
3. Hong Kong
4. Belize
5. Somalia

Thinking outside the box:
1. Seasteading
2. Antarctica
3. Space

Which state is the most free?

States have alot of control over key freedoms, including property, state personal and business taxes and lifestyle freedoms. Unfortunately statewide regulations often prohibit counties, cities and villages from exploring their own experiments in freedom.

New movements in politics mean state secession is possibly in coming years. Federal tyranny has gone into overdrive, awaken the sleeping giant of freedom-loving Americans. If any states did secede, I imagine it’s laws, regulatory/taxation approach would be similar to what it is before secession. So if you love freedom, you wouldn’t want to be in a seceding state that is a runaway big-government hell, like California, Massachusetts, New Jersey or New York. Of course, those tyranny-loving states would be least likely to secede anyway.

State Freedom Ranking:
1. New Hampshire
2. Wyoming
3. South Dakota
4. Montana
5. Nevada

What Counties in the U.S. are the most free?

We don’t have the resources to research every county in the U.S. at this time, but hope to provide a way for site visitors to help build a knowledge base and ranking of U.S. counties. County-level freedoms vary widely across the country. Rural counties tend to be more free and, of course, counties tend to be more free in states and cultural regions where some remnants of freedom are still cherished.

County Freedom Ranking:
For simplicity, we’ll identify counties only within the 3 most free states, since most freedoms relating to property, business, lifestyle and taxes are still controlled by the state or federal government anyway.

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