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April 27th, 2010

This section lists links and summaries of news and other articles around the web related to freedom, Libertarians, Conservatives, Republicans and more. Do you have articles you’d like included? Email us (contact email in footer of this page).

Obama to seek emergency appeal for immigration order

Fox Business: Napolitano 2015-02-23
Obama to seek emergency appeal for immigration order

Immigration appeal

Criminal Sexual Conduct Charge Dismissed Against Conservative Radio Host 2015-02-22
  The bogus criminal sexual conduct with a minor case against conservative Common Cents radio host Josh Kimbrell has finally been dropped

Ivy League College Mulls Reducing Science In Favor Of Diversity Requirements

The Libertarian Republic 2015-02-22
By Blake Neff Published: February 21, 2015 Barnard College, the all-women college affiliated with Columbia University, is considering slashing its foreign-language and science requirements while requiring students to complete a new requirement on “diver

Libertarians Already Have “Safe Spaces.” It’s Called Private Property.

The Libertarian Republic 2015-02-22
 By: Drew Rush Cory Massimino of Students for Liberty wrote about what he considers an important need within the libertarian community: safe spaces. He calls them “areas designed for marginalized people to feel free from… intolerant social norms, big

Paul Would Be Most Competitive Against Hillary, Poll Announced 2015-02-22
According to a new Quinnipiac Poll released this week, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) appears to be the most competitive against Hillary Clinton.

Mother Jones Accuses Bill O’Reilly of Lying About Reporting from Falklands War Combat Zone 2015-02-21
Just as the furor over Brian Williams’ embellishment of his Iraq War combat zone reporting experiences has begun to die down, Mother

Police Are Writing $150 Tickets For People Who Warm Up Their Unattended Cars

The Libertarian Republic 2015-02-21
Why Not Write A Law Requiring People to Lock Their Doors? In the northeastern United States, it has thus far been a particularly brutal winter. It has gotten so bad that this past week, some schools in Ohio (as well as across the region) were closed on al

9 of the Craziest Quotes From Socialist Leader Nicolas Maduro

The Libertarian Republic 2015-02-21
#1. “We need to reduce extreme consumption to achieve a point of equilibrium between supply and a fair price. I trust in the hardworking majority of this country.” Aww, that’s the socialist mindset for you. We need less people eating and acquir

Norwegian Muslims To Form “Ring Of Peace” At Oslo Synagogue Condemning Terrorism 2015-02-21
Oslo, Norway- A group of young Muslims in Norway have reportedly planned to form a human ring around a synagogue in Norway’s capital

K9 Officer Removed From Force After Attacking Doughnut Shop Employee

The Libertarian Republic 2015-02-21
The attack on the doughnut shop guy was the last straw COCONUT CREEK, FL – A police dog has been removed from the force after biting two people in three months, one a police officer and the other a doughnut shop employee. Renzo, the Belgian Malinois

Hard-Working Detroit Man Just Learned A Harsh Lesson About The Parasitic, Welfare Mindset

The Libertarian Republic 2015-02-21
Earlier this month, Top Right News reported the story of Detroit’s James Robertson, who walked 21 miles every day to get to and from work. The 56-year-old factory worker makes $10.55 per hour making plastic parts in a factory. He walked the commute beca

Kuroda Ally Says Weak Yen Shouldn’t Stop Stimulus If Needed

Euro Pacific Capital 2015-02-20
Content Type:  Newswire Source:  Bloomberg Link:  h

Europe's Finance Chiefs Fear Bond Vigilantes

Euro Pacific Capital 2015-02-20
Content Type:  Newswire Source:  CNBC Link:  http:/

German-Led Bloc Willing to Let Greece Leave Euro

Euro Pacific Capital 2015-02-20
Content Type:  Newswire Source:  Bloomberg Link:  h

800,000 Obamacare Customers Sent Incorrect Tax Information 2015-02-20
Washington- The Obama administration acknowledged on Friday that about 800,000 customers received incorrect tax information from the federal government. Officials have advised

U.S. Panel Calls for Taxing Sugary Foods to Curb Obesity

Euro Pacific Capital 2015-02-20
Content Type:  Newswire Source:  Bloomberg Link:  h

Could Concealed Carry Stop Rape on College Campuses? 2015-02-20
The debate over carrying concealed guns on college campuses is being looked at from a new angle, with advocates arguing that if

U.S. Economy: Philly Fed Signals More Weakness Ahead

Peter Schiff Blog 2015-02-20
Philly Fed Survey unexpectedly... Read the rest of the article on the NEW WEBSITE Schiff On The MarketsPeter Schiff`s comments on the economy, stock markets, politics and gold. Schiff is the renowned writer of the bestseller Crash Proof: How to Profi

President Obama Defends Rand Paul from Democrats, “Rand’s an interesting guy”

The Libertarian Republic 2015-02-20
President Barack Obama spoke to the Democratic National Committee this morning, and openly praised Senator Rand Paul’s actions in reaching beyond party lines. Obama pointed to Senator Paul as an example of someone trying to reach out to new constitu

To fight obesity, scientists suggest a tax on sugary foods 2015-02-20
While obesity continues to threaten the lives of many Americans, a government advisory committee has suggested placing a tax on sugary food

Fact checking the Fed

Campaign For Liberty 2015-02-20
Mark Calabria, director of financial regulatory studies at the CATO Institute fact checks some of the Federal Reserve's arguments against Audit the Fed (SPOILER ALERT: The Fed's arguments fail the fact check): With the introduction of bills in [...]

Woman Kills Husband in Car Crash, Wins Right to Sue Herself in Utah Court

The Libertarian Republic 2015-02-20
On Dec. 7th, 2011, Barbara Bagley lost control of her vehicle on I-80. The 48-year-old Bagley had driven over a sagebrush, which caused the car to flip. Bagley then saw her husband and two pet dogs go flying out of the car from the impact – one dog

Legal Medical Cannabis Growers on Trial: “Obama Admin is a Lie” 2015-02-20
Spokane, WA-  Despite a significant rider within the 2014 “cromnibus” federal spending bill that prevents the Department Of Justice from undermining state laws regarding medical marijuana, five people from Washington known

New Snowden Documents Reveal American and British Spies Hacked SIM Card Manufacturer 2015-02-20
New documents from whistleblower Edward Snowden reveal the National Security Agency (NSA) and the British GCHQ hacked into a SIM card manufacturer in the

DNA Proves Man Is Not The Father; Court Makes Him Pay $30k Anyway

The Libertarian Republic 2015-02-20
Detroit, MI – Carnell Alexander has been ordered to by $30,000 in back child support for his ex-girlfriend’s child – that 2013 DNA results had proven is not his. Alexander brought his case to Wayne County Third Judicial Circuit Court on

DHS Report Warns of “Sovereign Citizen”, Right-Wing Domestic Terror Threat 2015-02-20
A new intelligence report produced by the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigations is calling attention to an

10 Reasons Why Jeb Bush Should Never Be Elected President

The Libertarian Republic 2015-02-20
#1. Again, do we really want an oligarchy? Jeb Bush aims to make the Bushes the first family to produce 3 Presidents. Perhaps more alarming would be the proximity with which the 3 men would serve their terms, as if Jeb Bush were to be elected in 2016, the

Ron Paul: Is Inflation Dead?

Campaign For Liberty 2015-02-20
Spoiler Alert: NO Campaign for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul put the following statement on his Facebook page in response to a Washington Post article claiming that inflation is dead: The Death of Inflation? Hardly! by Ron Paul Matt O’Br

Why Flying Stinks, And You're Still Paying More

Euro Pacific Capital 2015-02-20
Content Type:  Newswire Source:  CNN Money Link:  h

Philly Fed Index Falls to Lowest in a Year

Euro Pacific Capital 2015-02-19
Content Type:  Newswire Source:  CNBC Link:  http:/

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