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April 27th, 2010

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Robber Caught On Camera Lurking Over Baby’s Crib

The Libertarian Republic 2014-04-16
If ever there was a video that showed why Americans believe in the right of self defense, this is it. A couple from Texas had a close call when a robber broke into their home and made off with $60 in cash, but not before taking a good look at their baby i

First Arrest Made Under New Connecticut Firearms Law

The Libertarian Republic 2014-04-16
From the New Haven Register:  MILFORD >> A 65-year-old man faces an array of charges after he allegedly shot a squirrel in his yard Monday morning. James Toigo, 258 Housatonic Dr., was charged with unlawful discharge of a firearm, cruelty to an a

Rand Paul Calls for Rethinking Of U.S. Foreign Policy (VIDEO)

The Libertarian Republic 2014-04-16
 ”Foreign policy is complicated and doesn’t fit neatly within a bumper sticker, headline or tweet.”   Follow TLR on Google+ It’s probably not in America’s interests for Pakistan to have nuclear weapons. After the US invaded Iraq, a

Rand Paul Defends Cliven Bundy Against Harry Reid (VIDEO)

The Libertarian Republic 2014-04-16
Kentucky Senator Rand Paul took up the cause against Nevada Senator Harry Reid in defense of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy yesterday saying that the “federal government shouldn’t violate the law.” The Libertarian Republic has been coverin

Disturbed Man Captured On Video Surviving Being Run Over By NYC Subway (VIDEO)

The Libertarian Republic 2014-04-16
A video has surfaced from an incident which occurred in December of last year where a stoned New Yorker survived being run over by a subway train. Follow TLR on Google+ MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz said that the male initially refused medical aid but was for

Revenge Porn: Criminal Act or Free Speech? (PODCAST)

The Libertarian Republic 2014-04-16
Revenge porn advocates recently failed to institute a federal law that would criminalize websites and their providers from hosting revenge porn. The law would seek to not only punish websites who post the material, but service providers such as GoDaddy fo

US Government is the world’s third largest economy

Campaign For Liberty 2014-04-16
Anyone who doubts that government spending at all levels is out of control should consider Mike Flynn of Breitbart’s analysis  of how the  government spending at the federal, state, and local level compares to the world’s major economies. 

Pizza Guy Blasts Robbers With His Handgun!

The Libertarian Republic 2014-04-16
Pizza Pie With Extra Lead A gang of would-be robbers attacked a pizza delivery dude in Buffalo, New York but got more than they bargained for when the pizza paisan turned out to packing more than just a pepperoni pie. Just before 10:30 p.m. on Monday, rob

When the IRS Attacks

Campaign For Liberty 2014-04-16
Recently, the IRS levied a fine (plus interest for each day it’s not paid) against Campaign for Liberty for withholding the names of our donors from the IRS on our annual 990 filing. As a matter of principle, C4L believes it is vital to protect the

First Lady chastised by PETA for using real eggs in Easter egg hunt (VIDEO)

The Libertarian Republic 2014-04-16
As much fun as it is watching people criticize the Obama’s for their vast shortcomings, even libertarians can admit that PETA‘s latest attempt to shame Michelle Obama is unequivocally lame. In a YouTube video featuring cute, completely brainwa

Mom Punches Daughter In Face For Having Sex In Her Home (VIDEO)

The Libertarian Republic 2014-04-16
A viral video is circulating showing a mother punching her daughter directly in the face after accusing her of having sex in the home. The video is sparking a debate over just how far a parent can go to discipline their child for misbehaving. Follow TLR o

Idiot Takes A Selfie By A Moving Train, Conductor Kicks Him In The Head (VIDEO)

The Libertarian Republic 2014-04-16
Mediaite is reporting on a young man who was trying to take a picture of himself while standing next to a moving train. The man, presumably named Jared, wrote on his Youtube page: “I tried to take a selfie while a train passed a “safe” d

Ron Paul Discusses IRS Targeting of C4L on Cavuto

Campaign For Liberty 2014-04-16
“They’re after us! They want money from us!” Watch Ron Paul’s interview on Cavuto discussing the IRS targeting Campaign for Liberty:   The post Ron Paul Discusses IRS Targeting of C4L on Cavuto appeared first on Campaign for

White House Launches “Taxpayer Receipt”

Campaign For Liberty 2014-04-15
Yay! Now you can look at how the Federal Government wisely spent your tax dollars. Interestingly enough, there is no line item for “making death rain from the sky” aka President Obama’s drone program that has killed approximately 2,400 p

Obama has proposed 442 tax increases in office

Campaign For Liberty 2014-04-15
Happy Tax Day, aka Barack Obama’s favorite day of the year! During his presidency, Barack Obama has proposed a whopping 442 tax increases according to Americans for Tax Reform: Since taking office in 2009, President Barack Obama has formally propose

Ron Paul Classic: The IRS’s job is to violate our liberties

Campaign For Liberty 2014-04-15
Tax Day is a good day to reread  Campaign for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul’s Texas Straight Talk from last year on the IRS’s targeting of pro-liberty and Tea Party groups . Dr. Paul makes the case that the only way to protect our civil, as well

Then Act Decently

Campaign For Liberty 2014-04-14
Retiring Congressman Jim Moran (D-VA-8) has been in the news recently for suggesting that members of Congress, who receive $174,000 a year, aren’t paid enough, going as far as to introduce a doomed amendment in committee to address the problem he se

Ron Paul: Another Phony Budget Debate

Campaign For Liberty 2014-04-14
C4L Chairman Ron Paul takes on the phony budget debate in the latest edition of Texas Straight Talk.  Under Dr. Paul’s leaderhsip, Campaign for Liberty will continue to work for Real Cuts, Right Now: Anyone watching last week’s debate over the Re

Tax Day Remix

Campaign For Liberty 2014-04-14
Remy from Reason takes on Tax Day. Enjoy! The post Tax Day Remix appeared first on Campaign for Liberty.

Politicians eager to tax your vices?

Fox business: Stossel 2014-04-11
Politicians eager to tax your vices?

The cost of sin tax

From The Folks Who Wanted to Be In Charge of Cybersecurity

Campaign For Liberty 2014-04-11
This week, the Internet is in a tizzy, rightfully so, over the discovery of the Heartbleed bug — one of the biggest security glitches in the history of the Internet. But now come the juicier revelations that the NSA may have known about it for at le

VIDEO: Federal Agents Assault Bundy Family & Protestors With Tazers and K-9 2014-04-10
Bundy family members and protesters saw a BLM convoy with dump trucks and backhoes, suspecting there may be dead cattle in the

Throwback Thursday: Ron Paul Lives, Will Fed be Dead?

Campaign For Liberty 2014-04-10
Shortly after reintroducing Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed bill, Representative Paul Broun spoke to World Net Daily about the bill. Congressman Broun also released the following statement after he introduced the bill: “I first want to thank Congressman

Obama budget gets 2 votes in House!

Campaign For Liberty 2014-04-10
The House defeated President Obama’s budget 2-413 yesterday. On the bright side for the president, this is two more votes than his budget received in either the House or the Senate in 2012. From The Washington Times: Mr. Obama’s 2015 plan, which h

Hundreds of Armed Feds and Snipers Surround Nevada Cattle Ranchers Property: Is This the Next Ruby Ridge? 2014-04-10
UPDATE: Strike teams of 15-20 agents are attempting to take the cattle and often in the process killing and burying the cattle

In a very House of Cards-like move, SC House Bill will strip Attorney General’s Power 2014-04-10
  In Netflix’s original series, House of Cards, Kevin Spacey’s character Frank Underwood portrays a “crooked” politician from South Carolina. But South

Does the Paycheck Fairness Act help or hurt women?

Campaign For Liberty 2014-04-10
This week Democrats have been holding symbolic votes in the Senate and holding press conferences, even trotting out the lone female Democratic governor, to try to draw attention to the notion that women earn 77 cents for every dollar men make. But what

Congressman Thomas Massie Endorses Lee Bright for U.S. Senate 2014-04-10
Upstate Senator Lee Bright picked up another impressive Congressional endorsement Wednesday, as Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie officially threw his support behind Bright’s

Toyota to Recall Nearly 6.5 Million Vehicles for Steering Faults

Euro Pacific Capital 2014-04-09
Content Type:  Newswire Source:  Reuters Link:  htt

Draghi Hunts for QE Assets in ‘Dead’ Market

Euro Pacific Capital 2014-04-09
Content Type:  Newswire Source:  Bloomberg Link:  h

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