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April 27th, 2010

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6 Dead, Suspect on Loose in Suburban Philadelphia

Big Government 2014-12-16
PENNSBURG, Pa. (AP) — A man suspected of going to three houses in the Philadelphia suburbs and fatally shooting six people, including his ex-wife and her 14-year-old niece, was at large Monday night, and a prosecutor said investigators didn't know

Justice Department Will No Longer Try To Compel James Risen To Reveal CIA Whistleblower 2014-12-16
The Department of Justice has announced it will not subpoena and pursue criminal charges against New York Times journalist James Risen in

Sandy Hook Families Sue Gun Maker 2014-12-16
The parents of 9 children and one teacher, who survived the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, are suing the businesses

Exclusive Video: Grant Elder Talks About His New Book, Wiki Vs. NWO 2014-12-16
A businessman in Canada named Grant Elder has published a book that provides his solutions to stopping the New World Order. In

China’s Treasury Holdings Fall to Lowest Since February 2013

Euro Pacific Capital 2014-12-16
Content Type:  Newswire Source:  Bloomberg Link:  h

Family Apprehends Burglary Suspects in Street, Holds Them at Gunpoint Until Cops Arrive

Big Government 2014-12-15
On December 12 Chris and Sarah Wyatt's surveillance system captured images of a woman and two men robbing their home. Two days later, they spotted the vehicle they had seen on the surveillance footage, stopped the vehicle, called 911, and held them at gu

Common Core Champion NYS Education Commissioner Resigns, Takes Post in Obama Administration

Big Government 2014-12-15
Common Core champion John King has resigned his post as the New York State education commissioner to take a job as senior adviser to U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan. "John is an extraordinary leader who has dedicated his life to improving the opport

Police Arrest Second Suspect in Gang Shooting Near Portland School

Big Government 2014-12-15
On Saturday, Portland Police arrested 18-year-old Marquel Dugas in connection with Friday's gang shooting outside Rosemary Anderson High School in northern Portland, Oregon. 22-year-old Lonzo Murphy was arrested in connection earlier on December 13. Acco

TN GOP Governor Announces Plan to Expand Obamacare 2014-12-15
On Monday, Tennessee Republican Governor Bill Haslam outlined his plan to expand Obamacare. According to The Tennessean, he has branded the plan

Sydney Hostage-Taker Identified (Updated) 2014-12-15
A police source named the man who has held an unknown number of civilians hostage at gunpoint in a Sydney cafe as Iranian refugee Man Haron Monis.

Russia Increases Key Rate Most Since 1998 to Stem Ruble Rout

Euro Pacific Capital 2014-12-15
Content Type:  Newswire Source:  Bloomberg Link:  h

Here’s Where You Can Get Gas For $1.99 A Gallon

The Libertarian Republic 2014-12-15
FOX 10 News | PHOENIX, AZ – If you’re looking for cheap gas, drive no further than Phoenix, Arizona, where you can spend $1.99 a gallon. The only catch for that station is that you have to pay cash. Prices at the pump are

McCaul: Sydney Attack 'A Call To Action'

Big Government 2014-12-15
The hostage situation in an Australia cafe carried out by an Iranian gunman should galvanize America and her allies against the threat of Islamic extremism, House Committee on Homeland Security Chairman Michael McCaul (R-TX) says. “What we've witn

Latin American Officials Advise Illegals with Criminal Records at Amnesty 'Coming-Out Party'

Big Government 2014-12-15
At the largest amnesty workshop to date in Los Angeles, government officials from Mexico and El Salvador advised illegal immigrants, some of whom had criminal records, on President Barack Obama's executive amnesty program. Described as a "coming-ou

Democratic Senator: Good Guys With Guns Wrong Response to Sydney Hostage Incident

Big Government 2014-12-15
Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) described as "mythology" the claim that good guys with guns stop bad guys with guns.  "This mythology that you end up killing bad guys by arming good guys just doesn't work," Murphy said on CNN. "Reality is that if

Abe Claims Mandate to Stoke Economy After Sweeping Election Win

Euro Pacific Capital 2014-12-15
Content Type:  Newswire Source:  Bloomberg Link:  h

Cop Accused of Forcing Man (He Thought Was A Woman) To Give Him Blowjob

The Libertarian Republic 2014-12-15
SAN DIEGO, CA – Officer Christopher Hays of the San Diego Police Department is accused of multiple sex crimes on 9 different people, including forcing one man to give him oral sex. From Once he brought the man into the alley, Officer

Texas Cop Uses Stun Gun on 76-Year Old Man for Expired Registration 2014-12-15
A Texas police officer was placed on administrative duty after a dashboard camera video emerged showing the 23 year old officer aggressively

U.S. Economy: More Signs Of Economic Slowdown

Peter Schiff Blog 2014-12-15
December Empire State... Read the rest of the article on the NEW WEBSITE Schiff On The MarketsPeter Schiff`s comments on the economy, stock markets, politics and gold. Schiff is the renowned writer of the bestseller Crash Proof: How to Profit from th

Fed Faces Big Decision Over a Few Choice Words

Euro Pacific Capital 2014-12-15
Content Type:  Newswire Source:  Reuters Link:  htt

This Chinese Guy Was Literally Worse Than Hitler (VIDEO)

The Libertarian Republic 2014-12-15
Over 45 million people died in China’s embrace of Communism. From 1958 to 1976, the “Great Leap Forward” as it was called, sacrificed millions of people to the ideas of forced collectivism and big government. Mao Zedong criminalized the

David Koch to Barbara Walters: I’m Conservative On Economics, Socially Liberal

The Libertarian Republic 2014-12-15
More ABC US news | ABC World News Pariah of social democrats, David Koch sat down with Barbara Walters to discuss his views on fiscal and social policy. Koch explained his philosophy as being libertarian, though he mostly supports candidates based on

Admiral Hyman Rickover, Godfather of Nuclear Navy, Gets Due in New Film

Big Government 2014-12-15
The godfather of the nuclear Navy may finally get his due, in a blockbuster new film about Admiral Hyman Rickover, one of America's lesser known and under-appreciated heroes.  Michael Pack, who directed Rickover: The Birth of Nuclear Power,&nbs

Journalist Barrett Brown Faces Sentencing on Tuesday After Two Years Behind Bars 2014-12-15
On Tuesday morning journalist Barrett Brown is scheduled to be sentenced at a federal courthouse in Dallas, Texas. Barrett Brown has been

Is it legal to monitor suspected terror fanatics?

Fox Business: Napolitano 2014-12-15
Is it legal to monitor suspected terror fanatics?

Preventing terror

Many Americans are OK with torture after the release of the CIA’s report 2014-12-15
After the release of the CIA Torture Report, many politicians are defending the report or analyzing the results, but the American public

Stock Market: Potential For More Declines

Peter Schiff Blog 2014-12-15

Grassroots Activists Blast 'Corporate' Sharpton for VIP Sections at DC Rally

Big Government 2014-12-15
Grassroots Michael Brown and Eric Garner demonstrators blasted Al Sharpton's corporatist National Action Network and the grievance "establishment" for profiting off the nationwide anti-police protests and unrest while silencing grassroots activists who

Sales of Newly Built Homes Struggle in November

Euro Pacific Capital 2014-12-15
Content Type:  Newswire Source:  CNBC Link:  http:/

Another day, another unintended consequence of ObamaCare

Campaign For Liberty 2014-12-15
The latest victims of ObamaCare are those with eating disorders, whose path to recovery will be hampered by ObamaCare’s mandate that restaurants post the calorie content of their offerings. Clinical physiologist Pamela Singer, writing at Reason maga

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