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April 27th, 2010

This section lists links and summaries of news and other articles around the web related to freedom, Libertarians, Conservatives, Republicans and more. Do you have articles you’d like included? Email us (contact email in footer of this page).

Newly Released “StingRay” Manual Shows Company Asked FCC for Secrecy 2015-03-28
A heavily redacted edition of a 2010 manual for the StingRay cellphone surveillance devices has been released. The manual was released through

US GDP Cools to Just 2.2 Pct in Q4; Corporate Profits Fall

Euro Pacific Capital 2015-03-27
Content Type:  Newswire Source:  CNBC Link:  http:/

(Watch) MSNBC To Earnest: How Can You Keep Calling Yemen A ‘Success Story?’ 2015-03-27
By Al Weave A cadre of MSNBC personalities challenged White House press secretary Josh Earnest Thursday morning over the administrations refusal to dial

Cop Charged With Shooting Man In The Back Face-Down On The Ground

The Libertarian Republic 2015-03-27
by Lina Bryce A Pennsylvania police officer was charged with homicide on Tuesday on allegations that she shot a man twice in the back as he was face down on the ground. The shooting was captured on the stun-gun video camera and prosecutors say it provi

Man Stabbing His Mother Was So High, It Took Two Bullets To Stop Him

The Libertarian Republic 2015-03-27
Victoria Mendez was driving home from work at around 10:30 p.m. Sunday night when she saw her estranged son standing near the corner, just down the street from her house on the northern Glendale-Phoenix border. “I rolled my passenger window down a

(Un) Happy Aniversery ObamaCare!

Campaign For Liberty 2015-03-27
This week marks five years since President Obama singed the "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act" (ObamaCare) into law. Five years of crashed websites, corporate bailouts, new taxes, lose of medical privacy, and, of course, people who [...]

Starbucks And Batgirl Show How The Free Market Deals With Racism & Sexism

The Libertarian Republic 2015-03-27
By: Avens O’Brien Last week, Starbucks baristas were encouraged to write “#racetogether” on their customer’s coffee cups to instigate discussions regarding race. It certainly got the nation talking, inspiring some Twitter mockery and an awkwar

Colorado Bill Would Impose Penalty On Police Interfering With Citizen Recording 2015-03-27
In contrast to Texas legislation introduced by state representative Jason Villalba (R-Dallas) that would penalize a citizen for filming police activity within a

Here We See A Good Old-Fashioned Violent Black-on-White Hate Crime

The Libertarian Republic 2015-03-27
Good thing he didn’t fight back! He might have committed a hate crime by defending himself! This is why you always carry a gun, folks.  From KCTV5:  ST. LOUIS ( – An investigation is underway after cell phone video showed a man being be

US Confirms Involvement in Coordinating Saudi Attack on Yemen 2015-03-27
Officials Confirm US to Provide Logistical Support for War by Jason Ditz, March 26, 2015 The White House has confirmed today that

Fed’s Fischer Says More Work Needed to Protect Financial System

Euro Pacific Capital 2015-03-27
Content Type:  Newswire Source:  Bloomberg Link:  h

Even If Climate Change Is A Problem, Gov’t Isn’t The Solution. Science Babe Explains… [PODCAST]

The Libertarian Republic 2015-03-27
Is climate change going to kill us all? Today’s Freedom Report welcomes back one of our favorite guests the Science Babe, a research chemist and debunker of all things woo. Science Babe and The Libertarian Republic’s editor spar over the best

Exclusive Interview: Ted Cruz Too Hawkish For “Liberty” Republicans? 2015-03-27
In an exclusive interview with’s Joshua Cook, Republican Liberty Caucus Vice Chairman Ed Lopez considered the electability and relatability of Senator Ted

Japan Inflation Cools, Household Spending, Incomes Soften

Euro Pacific Capital 2015-03-27
Content Type:  Newswire Source:  Yahoo Finance Link: 

Did Congress declare war on Russia?

Campaign For Liberty 2015-03-27
No, but they are escalating the saber-rattling... Monday the House of Representatives passed a resolution calling on President Obama to supply "lethal"' aide to the Ukraine government. While it has no legal effect, these resolutions are often [.

Duration, Duration, Duration Is Warning Cry for European Bonds

Euro Pacific Capital 2015-03-27
Content Type:  Newswire Source:  Bloomberg Link:  h

DOJ Report Exposes DEA Agents’ Sex Parties with Prostitutes Funded by Colombian Drug Cartels 2015-03-27
The Drug Enforcement Administration is the Department of Justice’s law enforcement arm charged with enforcing US drug prohibition laws, ostensibly under the

China Pulls Back Tax Breaks for Foreign Companies

Euro Pacific Capital 2015-03-27
Content Type:  Newswire Source:  CNN Money Link:  h

Senator Harry Reid Retiring 2015-03-27
By Rachel Stoltzfoos Democratic Minority Leader Harry Reid is retiring from the Senate. “We have to make sure that the Democrats take control

Harry Reid’s Top 12 Most Hilarious/Crazy Moments

The Libertarian Republic 2015-03-27
Harry Reid’s 12 Greatest Hits By Rachel Stoltzfoos In honor of Democratic Minority Leader Harry Reid’s announced 2017 departure from the Senate, The Daily Caller News Foundation has assembled just a few of the craziest, most insane, looniest things th

Harry Reid To Retire

The Libertarian Republic 2015-03-27
By Rachel Stoltzfoos Democratic Minority Leader Harry Reid is retiring from the Senate. “We have to make sure that the Democrats take control of the Senate again,” he said in a YouTube video announcing he will not seek re-election. “And I feel it

US House Passes Resolution To Arm Ukraine As Part Of Strategy To ‘Expose’ Putin 2015-03-27
The United States House of Representatives passed a resolution on Monday to send military aid to Ukraine. In the resolution, US lawmakers

Traders Pile into Gold for Protection

Euro Pacific Capital 2015-03-27
Content Type:  Newswire Source:  CNBC Link:  http:/

Congresswoman Says Climate Change Forces Women Into Prostitution

The Libertarian Republic 2015-03-27
by Casey Bennett Ladies, are you sick and tired of pimping yourself out night after night to combat the detrimental effects of climate change? Are you exhausted by the mere thought of hitting the city streets to provide food and water for your families?

Fed's Top Cop Gets Grilled About Leaks

Euro Pacific Capital 2015-03-27
Content Type:  Newswire Source:  Bloomberg Link:  h

Protesters Beg KC Officials Not To Drive Uber Away

The Libertarian Republic 2015-03-27
By Peter Fricke Uber supporters held rallies in Kansas City Thursday to protest a proposed ordinance requiring rideshare drivers to pay a fee for permission to ply their trade in the city. The Kansas City Star reported Thursday that, “A parade of U

Minorities Now Want Safe Spaces “No Whites Allowed”

The Libertarian Republic 2015-03-27
by: Ryan Carrillo A couple of weeks ago, two students from Ryerson University’s Journalism program were barred from attending an event organized by the ‘Racialized Students’ Collective’ because they are white.  You can read the initial report her

ButtreyCare Blasted to the Senate Floor

Campaign For Liberty 2015-03-27
In an unprecedented move, Republican Senator Ed Buttrey blasted his own ObamaCare expansion bill (S.B. 405) to the Senate floor. It will be voted on by the full Senate TODAY, March 27. It’s critical you call your State Senator RIGHT NOW, [

French Prosecutor: Germanwings Co-Pilot Deliberately Destroyed Flight 4U 9525 2015-03-26
  On Thursday, Marseilles prosecutor Brice Robin, who is investigating the crash of Germanwings flight 4U 9525, which crashed into the French Alps and killed

It May Be Good Time to Normalize Monetary Policy: Fed's Bullard

Euro Pacific Capital 2015-03-26
Content Type:  Newswire Source:  CNBC Link:  http:/

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