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Talking Liberty with Tracy Diaz

May 13th, 2012

Freedom-lover media is springing up everywhere, with quality and enthusiastic programs like “Talking Liberty with Tracy Diaz”. Tracy is a Ron Paul supporter and lover of liberty, acquiring big-name guests that would impress any of us!

Talking Liberty w/ Tracy Diaz

Tracy interviews Cincinnati Fox 16’s Ben Swann on the second episode.

On the second episode of May 3, 2012, Tracy interviewed Cincinnati Fox 16’s Ben Swann. Another guest on her the episode, Ron Paul campaign volunteer Andrew David Gay, confirms that Ron Paul is very, very inclined to choose Judge Andrew Napolitano as his presidential running mate.

For the May 10 episode, Tracy was to interview Josh Tolley and Jordan Page. Josh Tolley, a Ron Paul supporter, hosts The Josh Tolley Radio Show, where he talks about a range of issues, from politics to entrepreneurship, in a fiercely independent fashion. Jordan Page is the writer of the Ron Paul 2012 Anthem “The Light of Revolution”.

Tracy’s May 3 Interview video with guest Ben Swann

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