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Alex Jones

April 25th, 2010

Why would I consider Alex Jones as such a great hero of freedom? Like many people, I disagree with him on a few things. I think he sees conspiracies where it doesn’t exist as an actual conspiracy. I think he is irrational on many things. I think there are more intelligent commentators out there.

But, without further ado, let me list the reasons why I like Alex:

1. He calls attention to very, very real and massive threats.

Even if he is off the mark a bit, most of the basic threats he warns against are very real and very dangerous. The nature of these threats is that there is no turning back and therefore creating awareness of them is critical.

2. People listen to Alex!

Let’s be real for a moment. The majority of people aren’t intelligent enough to make sense of Judge Napalitano’s Constitution logic and brilliant legal and moral arguments, but they can get Alex’s rants, even if Alex is not entirely accurate.

I like the analogy of a medieval village. Let’s say the Mongol army is only miles away and about to massacre the village. You know they’re coming and the grave reality of a Mongol raid, but the villagers have never heard of the Mongols and they think you’re the crazy one. You shout “The Mongols are coming to kill us all!”. People just laugh, call you “nuts” and go back to their business. You think about it a few minutes, come back and say “A satanic dragon’s coming to kill us all!”. The villagers are horrified and run for the hills to save themselves. A “satanic dragon”, though not real, is something they can relate to and believe in (in the medieval mind). Even though it’s not the truth, it gets them moving to save themselves. Conspiracy theories can function similarly. If the basic threat is real, people may listen to the more fanciful, easier-to-understand fiction and end up protecting themselves from the true threats, even if they don’t have a 100% accurate picture of that threat.

3. Alex pushes the limits on free speech!

… which is good for us all! If people like Alex were censored, pretty soon, slightly less offensive information would be censored, and before you know it, we’re all censored. Alex is on the front lines effectively defending everyone’s right to say what they want.

I love some of Alex’s catch-phrases, like “war of ideas”, “information wars”. And there really is a “war on your mind”!

Alex Jones may not be everyone’s ideal of a proper warning against the sinister agendas we face, but he is very effective in calling attention in the right direction of those threats!

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