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Joe the Plumber

May 17th, 2010

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God forbid someone from a blue-collar, hard-working background not be a wussy liberal, whining for socialism. God forbid someone from a blue-collar, hard-working background confront Obama and have the monumental courage to ask him the tough questions that most were afraid to.

Joe the Plumber (Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher) disrupted Obama’s campaign with some unexpected questions from a wise and bold blue-collar man. Just like the liberals absolutely hate a black voting Republican or Libertarian, they hate that a blue-collar white might not want the liberal agenda either! Liberals are so arrogant to think that minorities, the blue-collar and the poor can have absolutely no political insight other than to whine and cry for welfare, socialism, government guidance and control. When someone like Joe the Plumber comes along, it really pees on their parade.

Joe the Plumber
Joe’s motto: “Don’t spread my wealth… spread my work ethic!”

The left’s double standards were on full display as they took every cheap shot possible at Joe, attacking his credibility, professional qualifications, personal history and more. Liberals claim to be for the little guy, yet they tore this little guy apart like rabid coyotes. In addition, liberal State of Ohio bureaucrat office holders took it upon themselves to improperly dig up back taxes on Joe, resulting in their firing.

Yes, Joe the Plumber is imperfect. You’ll have that when you’re struggling and especially when dealing with the worst of big government oppression in your own life (the wealthy are usually much better able to deal with big government hell).

Joe the Plumber speaks with Obama
Joe the Plumber speaks with Obama on that fateful day!

Joe has seem some hard times. Like others on the lower end of the income spectrum, he gets punished the most for failure of liberal policies. Joe’s words of wisdom have not been repeated enough. I heard him interviewed with Sean Hannity on Fox News once, where Joe said “the government needs to cut taxes and spending in half”, which is exactly the radical action I would recommend, but might be too extreme for the complacent neo-cons.

The Original “Spread the Wealth Around” Confrontation

Ed Schultz storms off Fox & Friends!

The Joe the Plumber effect caused ripples across the national media. What do Democrats do when they can’t answer hard questions, like those inspired by Joe? They get mad and either throw a fit or run away!

How dare a blue-collar person not fall for the liberal scam!

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