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The American Left and Pol Pot

July 27th, 2013

The American Left and Pol Pot This is a true story: I remember the Pol Pot takeover in Cambodia. I also remember that, contrary to what you hear and read, the Leftist Democrats (Socialists) of the time, in America, were ecstatic that the Communists were about to take Cambodia. In the media, and in Congress. Read more…

Leftist Krugman: fix economy with war, even a fake space alien war

February 9th, 2012

This is one of those things that has to be seen to be believed. This is old news now (August, 2011), but worth bringing back up. This liberal keynesian idiot, Paul Krugman, who somehow maintains the title of “economist” says a war with space aliens would fix the economy. What disturbs me is not his Read more…

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