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The Gadsden Flag

September 22nd, 2010

The Gadsden flag is becoming explosively popular with Tea Party, Libertarian and Constitutionalist types. The Gadsden flag, for us, represents our protest against big government tyranny. “Don’t tread on me” is like saying “don’t mess with us, we bite back”. Indeed, our current liberal regime and it’s assault on freedoms has awakened a sleeping giant or disturbed an angry Gadsden flag snake – whichever analogy you prefer.

The Gadsden Flag

An American general Christopher Gadsden designed the Gadsden flag and it was used by the early United States Marines.

Is it appropriate to use this flag to represent our movements? Why not? It’s American, it’s got the right attitude and well, we don’t get hung up on meaningless details like the liberal elite do anyway.

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